I'm a producer/MIDI programmer/songwriter currently in the Nashville area. My passions are music production, Ableton Live, controllerism, and education. You can hear excerpts of my work on my music page, and if you're interested in working together I'd love to hear from you!


SURPRISE! My greatest hits are actually....Nine Inch Nails remixes.  

I know.

It still throws some folks that I actually did most of my "training" via NIN remixes. I'm still not quite sure how this happened, but they are still getting views after 13 years, and between the old (now defunct) remix site, archive.org, and Youtube they've somehow received over 300,000 plays/views. ????  How does this happen?? It's been crazy to read how the top two have actually encouraged people through some rough stuff. You can check out my top 3 on the "VIDEO" page (and if you scroll through my music page, you just might find a treasure trove...)

Just a bit of encouragement out there to not be afraid of judgement when it comes to art. You can never predict what will move or speak to folks. I kept almost 50 remixes secret under a pseudonym for fear that folks just wouldn't understand. Producing those tracks were definitely a spiritual experience that helped me to hold on through a really tough time. Today I'm proud of my work; it's a part of my story. 


I had fun remixing this tune by Dave and Kate. Plus, it's the world premiere of my little Moog :). Check out the link to "Atmosphere" below!


One of my favorite remixes I've ever done - if you haven't checked it out, see the link below for my remix of "Your Name" by Seersha!